Dual Key with Dual Income Strategy

What is Dual Key Concept? This is not new in Kuala Lumpur properties but it is new in Penang.

A conventional 3 bedrooms apartment or condominium is split to 2 1 bedrooms. There will be 2 doors at the main entrance, with 1 door entering the studio unit, whilst another door enters the 2 bedrooms unit with complete dining and kitchen settings.

Referring diagram below
Green colored is with 2 units bedroom living dining kitchen.
Orange colored is with studio unit plus 1 bathroom aka. Master bedroom!! With main entrance at foyer.

How does the conventional unit vs Dual Key unit in terms of investment? And how does Dual Key helps for self-own property?

Let’s look at the perspective of Self-own Dual Key concept. Benefits as follows:

1. Creates a privacy for newly wed couple that need to stay with in-laws. Lunch or dinner can be done at the main unit. A perfect settings with husband or wife parents are still within the unit area.

2. For start-up Entrepreneur or home office worker, studio unit can be converted to office settings:
a) Family is still within vicinity
b) Savings petrol of going to office and traffic jam
c) Privacy to work in a separate room
d) Able to attend to customers without entering your main unit.

3. Able to rent out as an individual unit as to reduce bank loan commitment or expediting loan repayment!

So how does a Dual Key helps in the perspective of Investment?

1.Flexibility to rent out for short-term rental to Family for 2 bedroom units or Single for studio unit.

2. Fast Return of Investment

3. Property with commercial title, can easily be converted fully to Airbnb without having headaches on complains from the Resident Association.

4. Properties located near to offices or factories will opens up more opportunities in renting.

5. If there are subsidized fees on Legal cost, MOT and rebates, it will further make your investment more attractive.

6. Small attractive packages offered may also save some money from your pocket as well as faster start-up, which means faster, faster rental income!

Great opportunities with the new Dual Key concept. Properties at the area of Bayan Lepas (Sg Tiram), Sg Ara and Sg Nibong are all available.

Residential or Commercial title are available for different projects ! Decide now on your investment portfolio, be it Self-own or Investment

A short brief on the three project highlighted:
1. Bayan Lepas (Sg Tiram) Penang

  • Interesting 6% return for 3 years with total of 18% from your investment.
  • Aside getting the 6%, you will be getting additional rental income from your short-term rental or as Airbnb. Dual Income!!
  • Subsidized legal cost and MOT
  • Facilities with swimming pool. Great for family with kids on holiday….
  • Many more…. click below link for us to contact you.

2. Sg Nibong, Penang

  • Low density of 60 units  and located next to main road
  • Near to QB Mall
  • 6% rebate for 1st year only

3. Sg Ara, Penang

  • Residential Dual key available
  • Near to Airport and facing Starbucks
  • Near to International school
  • Potential growth

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